Saturday, March 11, 2017

5 out of 17

As a public school teacher, I get many days off each year... Labor Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving (plus two extra), Christmas (plus like 10 extra), MLK day, February break and April break and so many more... In addition to all of those set days off, I am also granted 15 sick days and 2 personal days. So, out of 176 school days, I can take 17 off and just work 159 days out of the entire year. "But Kristen," you ask, "Won't your pay be docked? How will you afford to live if you only work 159 days out of the year?!"  Oh silly person, you are clearly new to this blog.

Now I'm not saying I do take off 17 days a year...even I can admit that would be a bit ridiculous. But if I feel a slight warmth on my forehead or a tickle in the back of my throat, you can guarantee I'll take a day off to rest up. This is exactly what I did yesterday. I had been exhausted lately, and when I asked my students if they had noticed I'd been crankier lately, hands shot up into the air faster than if I had asked "Who hates homework?" I took that as a sign and excused myself for the day on Friday. Here is what I did instead:

7am coffee and space out time:

8am watched 7 episodes of Parks & Rec:

9:30am hungry from my busy day; leftover tikka masala:

 10am 3 hours of The Bachelor; I sort of regret this:

1pm put on a record and straighten up the house:

3pm back to the couch for Gladys snuggle time:

4pm finally left the house; devoured my burrito before I could take a pic:

5pm more Parks & Rec with a beverage:

So this is what my 9 to 5 looked like. How about you?

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