Sunday, February 26, 2017

February Break

Two wonderful things happened to me last week: 1. My school was closed for February break 2. My friend, Mike, showed immense jealousy over the fact that I was on vacation and he was not.

Let's dive into number 1.
On Friday, February 17th, the glorious sound of the last bell of the day rang out for all to hear. Kids walked quickly and excitedly down the hall to get on their bus. A couple of them lingered to say goodbye to their beloved teachers. I, of course, immediately began my vacation song which goes something to the tune of Whitney Houston's "All At Once" but with lyrics like, "I cannot see you, I cannot hear you, I'm on vacaaaaaation." When the last child had left the building, I grabbed my bag and headed for the door without looking back.
Dylan and I had planned a road trip to Savannah, and after 8 hours of driving, an over-night stop in Virginia at my sister's, and 8 more hours of driving, we had arrived! Savannah was charming, sleepy, and rainy. In short, it was adorable but overpriced. We took a day trip to Tybee Island, and very possibly decided to move there. Wouldn't you?

After a few days of trolley tours and people watching in Forsyth Park, I became restless. It was clear that I needed more beach time for this to count as a vacation. So, we booked a hotel in Hilton Head and made a stop there on our way back north. I am going to say this with complete sincerity: I loved it there. I don't golf. I'm not rich. I hate seeing children when I'm "off the clock." And yet, despite all of these things, I felt like I found my legitimate home town when we parked the car at the Holiday Inn in Coligny Park, Hilton Head. Beach volleyball on a Thursday in February? Sure! Margaritas brought to your table pool side? Why not! If I died and went to heaven, it would have the scenery of Hilton Head, with Tina Fey as my bestie,  I'd constantly be slow nodding and drawling, "I told you so," spiced in between "Sure, you can top off my drink," and everyone would tell me how good the Eagles look for next season. This vacation, was pretty close to all that.

Now on to number 2.
Mike is a dear old friend. I have thought of him fondly for years now. But this past week, he really solidified his spot in my top 10. I know all of you are now wondering how you too can be in my good graces. It's really not hard. Show a near constant jealousy for my life and a somewhat frank hatred for your own and you too can make your way up the rankings. As I posted pictures of a warm, sunny beach, Mike would respond with comments lamenting the fact that I was on a vacation while he was stuck working all week. At one point, he actually asked me if I was traveling for work or for fun. Great question, Mike. While I was traveling for the enjoyment of it, I will remind Mike as well as the rest of you, that I was in fact getting paid to go on that trip. My paycheck next week will be the same as it always is with no time deducted. I didn't have to call out sick, fake some illness, or pretend to have a family emergency. No, this time off was given to me by the great state of Maine just for choosing my career wisely. So, as I hopped up and down the coast, sipping the local Georgian beers and tanning my shoulders, I relished in the fact that I was still making the big bucks while the rest of you chumps, Mike most especially, wasted your youth in an office.


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