Monday, July 6, 2015


Well, summer has begun. This is my first time having the entire summer off since 2012, which is wayyy too long. I am finally back to feeling good, being rested, and resetting my priorities.

Since June 16th, I've spent my hours wisely. I've watched four seasons of The Office, have taste-tested margaritas from at least seven different local bars, and have perfected a beachy wave using my hair straightener. After a couple of meaningful low points, I decided I needed to make a To Do list for each day or risk leaving permanent butt indents on my couch cushions.

Here are some To Do lists I've made in the past week:

1. Read a magazine on the beach
2. Paint toe nails
3. Try a mojito

1. Even out my tan
2. Find a new Pandora station to replace "Usher + Mariah"
3. Get back into prank phone calls

A week in, several replacements for Michael Scott later, and I realized I needed to dig deeper. So, while the inside of me is pure gold, the outside of me is now 30 years old, so I decided to tackle my physique as part of my summer routine.

So, I did what any motivated, driven athlete would do: I drove to Target with the purpose of buying a set of weights. Once I found the right aisle, and started scoping the weights, I realized I was out of my element. I hate working out. That's the main reason why I do yoga. I don't sweat, I breathe through my nose, and someone else tells me what to do. How would I possibly know how to use these weights on my own? And first, which weights should I even buy?

I tried picking up the weights--starting with the 10 pounder. I pulled a muscle. Then, I went down to the five pounder. "Damn!" I muttered a bit too loudly. I picked up the three--that definitely felt like more than three pounds. Should I buy the two pounder? Did I really drive all the way to Target to buy a two pound weight? Is this sad or admirable? I quickly realized it was sad, and purchased the five pounder, and in case things got rough, I grabbed a bottle of champagne too. The rest of my night was mimosas and bicep curls, and I feel like that was enough for the week. Don't want to go too hard too fast, right?

Tomorrow's To Do list:

1. Pick up the weights
2. Continue to think about working out
3. Take a nap

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