Friday, November 30, 2012

A One-Up Teaching Battle

I think I've made it pretty clear what a great and paid summer I have. I've also made it clear that my weekends, evenings after 3pm, and all holidays are enjoyed as well. Here's now a rare glimpse into my amazing actual "work day" and how it is better than yours.

Wednesday, November 28. 1:47pm

Alejandro: Hehehehe. You still teaching? My school got evacuated, sucka!!!!
Me: Wait. For what?
Alejandro: Bomb threat...we pretty much silently dismissed the school instantly. We should do that everyday. It was awesome.
Me: That's great. I would say I'm jealous but the 8th grade is in Yosemite so I have 4 preps a day.
Alejandro: Ohhhhhh myyy goddddd. I thought I'd be able to rub that in your face. You suck.

If by "suck" he meant "kick ass"then yes, yes I do. Although I would argue that we both won on that particular day while the rest of you suckers still had 3 hours left on the clock.

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