Friday, June 1, 2012

Biggest Running Update

Loyal Readers,
As you all know, I've been trying to be a runner for quite some time. I had alerted you to the fact that I was thinking about signing up for a 5k. Update: I never signed up for the 5k. Obviously. How many times have I said I was going to sign up for a 5k, or even actually signed up and paid for the Wharf to Wharf only to bail before the race? The answer is hundreds of times. This time, however, I didn't actually bail or quit. Instead of signing up for a 5k, I signed up for.....drum roll please.....A MARATHON!!!!

"What???" "That's ridiculous." "Are you insane?" and "I hope you didn't waste too much money on the registration," are all responses I've heard my loved ones make upon hearing the big news. It turns out though, that I am a bit insane, and no I did not waste much money on the registration. For a whopping $10 I have sold my soul and my summer to the devil as I start my training toward 26.2 miles.

Let me take a minute and explain to the nay sayers why they should be yay sayers. First, I bought these new Dri-Fit tank tops to wear when I run, and I look frickin adorable in them. Second, my friend Tara is running the marathon as well and is the one who convinced me to do this race, so I have someone encouraging me not to quit. Third, we joined Team in Training so I have coaches and mentors who are also encouraging me not to quit. Fourth, Team in Training fund raises to cure blood cancers so I'm totally doing a good thing. Would I bail on a good deed?? Fifth, parents from school have already donated to the cause, so I seriously cannot bail on the run and still return to my job in the fall. Sixth, did I mention how adorable I look in my new tank tops?? And finally, if members of The Biggest Loser can run a marathon, then dear god I better be able to as well.

Wish me luck, donate to the cause (my fund raising page)  and let's all hope I make it to October 14th.

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