Sunday, May 27, 2012

This Spring

I am now officially on summer vacation!!!! Before I begin updating you about my wonderful summer, I'll catch you up on what you've missed the past few months while I was MIA.

I went to Point Reyes:

photo photo photo
And stayed in this tiny, adorable cottage on the water. photo photo
The cottage had a great view: photo
And an outdoor shower! photo

In April, we went to Mendocino, which is a small seaside town. On the downtown strip, there are shops and restaurants on one side of the street and a cliff into the ocean on the other side. We went surfing, hiked down into a private beach, and went wine tasting. photo photo photo photo photo

Also, we explored San Francisco a bit more: photo photo
We went to an Oakland A's game and after the game, everyone moved onto the field with blankets and they played The Sandlot! photo
Dylan's parents visited: photo
Dylan graduated with his Masters! photo
I chaperoned some field trips: photo
Discovered a new bar in SOMA that Joe Ruppert would LOVE: photo
And that brings us to the summer!

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