Monday, February 6, 2012

Pliny the Younger!!

It was that time of year again--when Russian River Brewery makes their famous Pliny the Younger beer. Lisa and I drove up to Santa Rosa Saturday morning and arrived at the brewery at 10:15am. There was already a monstrous line of people waiting for a sample of the special beer. Half an hour later, Alejandro and his friends showed up and waited with us. Finally, at 11am the brewery opened! We quickly realized that even though the brewery opened and some people must have entered, we had not moved forward in line at all. We continued to wait, anticipating about an hour wait. FOUR AND A HALF HOURS LATER, we were finally in! We immediately ordered a round of the Younger, which was unbelievably delicious.


Then we ordered a bunch of other beers, including a delicious hef/belgian white andddd...drum roll please.... a beer that is placed inside old Pinot Noir barrels so that the beer flavor mixes with Pinot flavor to create a drink the gods would have fought over. Finally, Alejandro ordered a flight of beer and there were NINETEEN SAMPLES OF BEER IN THE FLIGHT. Did you hear me when I said NINETEEN???


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