Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Macbeth part 3

All year I have been messing with the 7th grade; I mention The Lion King as many times as I possibly can without being too ridiculous and see if they catch on. Once, I managed to slip the movie into my curriculum FOUR TIMES in one week. I think it's safe to say that is some kind of teacher record, and I should win an award. For example, if we're talking about narrative essays and we're talking about suspense, I say, "Like in The Lion King when Simba goes back to Pride Rock and you don't know what's going to happen and Timon and Pumba are in the hula skirts and you see the lions starving..." ANY time I reference capitalization, character development, death, deserts, long lost friends, animals, etc I ALWAYS mention The Lion King. After mentioning the movie for so long, I finally found out that some of the 7th graders had a tally going, tracking how many times I referenced the movie.
Then today the 7th grade entered my room. I told them it was my favorite day of the year, and I had the best lesson planned. Then I turned on the TV and showed them that we were going to watch The Lion King. Not only that, but I told them that it is based off of Macbeth, which we just finished, and that'd we compare characters from the movie to characters in the play. Finally, I told the whole class that if they talked, were distracting, or bothered me in any way I would send them out of the room because no way was I going to let some hooligan ruin this movie for me.
Then, as their jaws hit the floor, I sat back and got paid.

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