Monday, January 16, 2012

Macbeth part 2

I've been calling on boys to read girls' parts, and girls to read boys' parts when we act out Macbeth. One day, a sweet and funny boy was playing the part of Lady Macbeth. We were looking at punctuation and talking about how when there is an exclamation point, you have to say the line enthusiastically. The boy started to get really into the part, using hand motions, etc, when he proclaimed the line, "Come to my womanly breast and turn my milk sour!" Hilarity ensued.
Another day, a big burly awesome kid was called on to play Lady Macbeth. He got "on stage" (the front of the classroom) and used an incredibly high lady-like voice the entire time he read lines. The girl who was acting out Macbeth used a regular voice for her first lines. Then there was a stage direction which said "[in a low voice]" which meant in a whisper, however, she thought it meant in a low, deep voice. So she began reading her lines in a low man's voice and the boy read Lady Macbeth's part in a high voice. Again, hilarity ensued.
I can't believe this is my job.

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