Saturday, December 17, 2011


Not only do I get the summers off, but I also get every holiday off and a very long winter break. I called my dad yesterday to tell him that I was on winter break and he said, "WHAT?? Already? It's the 16th!" Best reaction. I don't have to go back to work until January 3rd. I'm getting paid this whole time and I didn't even have to request this time off.
At school yesterday, a kid asked me what I wanted for Christmas. I said, "I'm already getting what I asked for: a 17 day break from school." I also told the kids how excited I was to not have to see middle school students for two weeks. Immediately after I said that, I thought maybe that was too harsh, but a kid responded that he was equally as excited to not have to see teachers for two weeks, so we called it even.
We did work the first three periods yesterday (I made the 8th grade go over a benchmark assessment hahahahahahahahahaha). But by the end of the day it was clear the 7th grade couldn't handle doing any work. Instead I told them, "I'm going to tell you stories until the bell rings. We are doing this so that I don't have to teach and so that you don't have to learn. My stories have no climax and no conclusion. Deal with it." And they did. I told them about my 7th grade outdoor ed trip to West Virginia and getting peed on while sleeping in a cave. Then I told them about the sleep study I did one summer with Kim and they laughed really hard when I told them we tried to mess with the staff there by requesting Dennis Quaid movies every night. That was the best day before break I think I've ever had.

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