Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Soooo I had a meeting after school that all the basketball coaches had to go to. I walked into a room at the district athletic office wearing an adorable work outfit and carrying a chai. As I entered the room, I quickly noticed that not only was I the only adorable person in the room, I was also the only female. There were about twenty tough, beer belly filled, balding, crude looking dudes there. And me. Everyone was staring at me like I was lost. We all sat down and the meeting started. The guy leading the meeting kept looking at me quizzically. Finally, I said, "I'm SUPPOSED to be here." That eased the tension a little bit, but I think no one believed me.
Then the guy leading the meeting started asking a million dumb leading questions and he would call on random coaches to answer. No one knew any of the answers. Then he asked me a dumb question. I guessed. I was half right. He asked me another question. I guessed again. I was again half right. Then he asked me a third question. I said "Ughhhh. I don't know." Finally, I ended up saying, "Look. I don't know much." The leader guy was not pleased. After he asked me one more question, my school's boys' basketball coach said, "She's with me. I got her, so back off." He's pretty tough looking; plus, he's a dude. So the leader listened to him and backed off.
On a semi-separate note, I had 22 girls try out for the team!!! So there will be 10 very upset girls on Friday.

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