Sunday, August 21, 2011

Week 1

I have only a vague idea about what happened this first week of school, so don't even bother asking me. The only things I remember are:

1. Earning happy hour every day this week.
2. Hitting up food trucks on Thursday instead of grill night, mostly from sheer exhaustion.
3. Having a paraprofessional loudly give the students wrong information and then WINK at me as if SHE was helping ME out.
4. Going to the best Zumba class of my life where Lisa and I pretty much broke it down in the back of the room.
5. Having a student LITERALLY PULL OUT A DECK OF CARDS IN THE MIDDLE OF MY CLASS AND START LAYING THEM OUT ON HIS DESK. When I told him it was inappropriate to play cards in the middle of class, he said, "It's not the MIDDLE of class; it's the END of class." When I said that regardless, he wad distracting me and others by playing cards, he said, "I wasn't PLAYING cards; I was ORGANIZING them." I gave up and said, "Whatever. Tuesday lunch detention. Don't be late."
6. Getting free blueberries at Whole Foods after the cashier talked to me about education for like a YEAR.
7. Watching Sunday morning cartoons with Dylan while eating hash browns, fake sausage, and toast.
8. Reading like four trashy magazines instead of grading summer reading.

And that is my life. Tomorrow the entire school is going to the Picasso exhibit in Golden Gate park. Art + field trip = sick day?

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