Saturday, August 6, 2011

Nice Little Saturday

8am: Bagel and coffee at Lava Java (They know me there, no biggie)

9am: Body Pump at the gym with Lisa. Weird teacher who sang parts of the songs into her microphone.

11am: Starbux

12pm: Go to work with Lisa. This means I went to Golden Gate Park and helped her hold an orientation for the new PhD students.

1pm: Lunch at the Social Kitchen with the orientation group. Had brussel sprout chips and beer. Success.

2pm: Go to work with Dylan. This means Lisa and I went to his new school and helped him set up his classroom.

5pm: Emergency Thai food pit stop. 19th and Castro.

6pm: Bring friends to work. This means Lisa and Dylan helped me set up my classroom since it is filled with random things I don't need.

This was the busiest/most productive day, and it got me very excited to organize the rest of my room and actually start teaching. Also, am I obsessed with Lisa???

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