Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Hum Drums

Today was not the greatest day. I had to constantly remind myself that I was getting paid to lift my spirits. First, I went on which I'm obsessed with. I've had a kind of low grade budget I've been trying to stick to. And by "trying" I mean, "yeah, not really trying as much as spending." This month though I made a very strict budget after realizing I spent a million dollars last year on random stupid stuff. So this morning I checked in to make sure I'm sticking to my budget, and I am. Because everything expensive I've bought this month, I've filed under "July," so I look really thrifty in "August."
After that I watched seven episodes of Friends. Not even good episodes either--the first season. I also ate leftover rice and edamame, then left over grilled pizza. Then I considered having a beer. It was noon. Eek. I decided I had to change up my day, or I would be drunk by 3. So, I looked up some blogs for awhile, read the news, and checked out the celebrity gossip world. When I was done reading the internet*, I watched some more Friends**.

Finally it was four o'clock and I had just barely managed to shower. After drying off, I began to put my pjs back on when I changed up my routine. Instead, I put on an adorable dress, thinking that would motivate me to leave the house. The only problem was that it was freezing outside. I had to put on two pairs of tights, knee highs, boots, a long sleeve, and a sweater with my dress.



I was finally ready to leave the house but where would I go? "Just walk around," Dylan told me. "If I leave the house, I'll just end up spending money..." I said. "Just go!" he replied. He had also made it clear that if he heard the Friends theme song one more time I would live to regret it.
So, I left the house. Two hours later I returned with the most adorable brown flats, a long beige/peach skirt, and an olive green shirt to wear with the skirt.

I know what you're thinking--"Did you account for shopping in your new budget?" The short answer is "duh." The longer answer is I got the skirt with a store credit, which basically means it was FREE. So I got paid to shop for a free skirt. I guess my day did turn out okay, minus the nothing to do part. I hate to admit it, but I am a little bit excited to go back to work next week.

* genius phrase courtesy of my Schurtz cousins
** Rachel FINALLY found out Ross liked her

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