Monday, August 15, 2011

The First Day of School!

Today was the first day of school! To be honest, I was pretty nervous. There was a bunch of procedural stuff that I needed to remember, like have students write down their schedule, get forms signed by parents, pass out planners, etc. I handled homeroom like a pro, and I think I got everything done that I was supposed to, except that I forgot to ask students for $5 for their planners. I can do that tomorrow though.
First, second, and third periods were a piece of cake. I had 8th graders, and I had all of those students last year when they were 7th graders. We were talking about our summers, etc, and one girl asked if I saw Harry Potter, and another girl answered, "No, Ms. V doesn't like stuff like that. She only likes TV shows about fat people." It was embarrassing, but she was right. We also played a game where I read a sentence, and if you agree with it, you stand up. At one point, I read the sentence, "I think school is a waste of time." At first, no one stood up to agree with that preposterous statement, but then this tiny tiny painfully quiet Chinese girl stood up and said she agreed with that statement! I looked at her SHOCKED (I have literally only heard her speak twice in my life) and nearly died of laughter. At the end of the game, I read the sentence, "My friends are important to me," and she was the ONLY KID to NOT stand up. The entire class now loves her and I call her my little angel of darkness.
Fourth period was miserable. I had 7th graders, so they were new to me. One kid took LITERALLY 5 MINUTES to decide what name he wanted to go by this year. He kept saying, "Uhhh Benjamin**, Benny.... Ben...Benny I think. Yeah I guess Benny." I said, "Ok Benny it is. Moving on." Later, I called on him and he said, "Who's Benny??" I died a little inside.
Sixth period was a dream. The kids were super mellow and actually made eye contact with me. I was telling the students about myself, and I told them that I'm Italian, so my family is pretty much just like Jersey Shore. Even though that's not true, it hooked them in, and they now find me fascinating. I told them that The Lion King is the best movie ever made, that I play video games, and that I'm the funniest person I've ever met in real life. They think I'm weird, but cool. I can live with that.

**names have been changed so I don't get sued.

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