Wednesday, August 24, 2011


My dad desperately wants me to move back home. I can't blame him; I'm awesome to be around. He always says things like, "If you stay in California, you have to deal with things like fog and earthquakes." When the earthquake hit the East coast yesterday, I laughed in his face.
Also, my cousin Kimberly sent this to me. I laughed out loud during homeroom when I read it, and when the students asked me what was so funny, I showed them. They didn't really get it.

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  1. i was in DC when the quake hit! it was way more scary! i was in a kate spade and the Brain Scientist and Rocket Technician who worked there thought it was a truck that hit the building. They don't pay you to think, ladies. The worst part was the rumble of braclets clanking together, followed by the sqawking of the ladies whose teacup puppies were shitting themselves in their Louie V doogie poo / purses. ... Why I was in that store again?