Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Today was a great day. I woke up late, read a magazine in bed, ate homemade pancakes, then read The Age of Innocence. Around noon, we headed to Berkeley on the BART so we wouldn't have to drive. We hung out on Shattuck Ave for a little bit before taking a bus the wrong way as we tried to head toward Pyramid Brewery on Gilman. After we got off the wrong bus, and realized we were in El Cerrito, a random non-threatening man drove by asking if we needed a ride. We said yes, because we had exactly seven minutes to get back to Berkeley before the tour of the brewery would start. The driver did not look like a murderer, but we had no way of knowing he was, in fact, a clinger. That's right. After driving us to the brewery, he parked and JOINED US for the tour. After he asked several ridiculous questions, and commented that he couldn't drink any of the free beer during the tasting, he left. Thank god.

Pyramid Brewery

Then, we took a bus toward the Berkeley Hills and hiked our way to the top.
Spruce St

The view from the top was incredible.
A View From the Top 3
Summer is in full effect.

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